I have been tracing my fingers, skin creases, new hairs appearing, the slight of my eyes, the frown of my brows, the smiley corners of my mouth. I have been touching my ears, wondering how softly a sound I could hear, how loud I could resist. Sticking my tongue to new heights, tumbling my body to new hills. The relief of my body slowly dissolved into the geography around me. And I discovered the grass, the reeds, the rock and the dirt. Water made me so happy, and the sky got me lost, sometimes. I moved a finger and a leaf moved as well. I blew my chest out and joined the wind in its journey. I started tracing the birds and their wings, the clouds and their moon. I started taking steps and slowly grew into my own. As I discovered my body, I have doubted it, tested it, at times denied it, only in the end to unconditionally accepted it. A very familiar feeling took over me, as a window opened towards the outside and the others. A deeper level of understanding led me to shuffle myself in the skin, body, and the contours surrounding, tracing my whole being.

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