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C Fodoreanu was born into a family with a long tradition of icon painting in Transylvania, Romania. He started painting before inherently transitioning to using lens-based modalities to create his art, from photography and collages, to installations and videos, and creative writing (poems). His work pursues a poetry of light, and explores the human body as a metaphor for how humans relate to the surrounding nature, intimacy, personal boundaries, play, fragility of life, fleetingness of time, faith and divine intervention.

C Fodoreanu holds a BA in Philosophy from UC San Diego, an MD from Harvard Medical School, and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from School of Visual Arts in New York. As a physician who studied philosophy, he developed an intimate knowledge of the human anatomy and psyche, and a keen psycho-social acumen. This affords him a unique position as an artist to relate, transcend, and personalize his understandings of humans and human nature into layered visual works. He is the author of three poetry books (Romanian), and his visual work belongs to private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

C Fodoreanu debuted his first monograph entitled 'street smart' in 2019 documenting at-risk youth from Southern California as part of a fundraising campaign with 100% of the proceedings contributing to an educational fund to support the kids depicted in the series. Visit the Social Practice page for more details about this fundraiser. His second monograph entitled 'Ode to the Lake Sacalaia' in currently under press, and proposes an imaginary visual space exploring the tension of self-discovery and identity, and the in-between states of one's self-awareness, towards making sense of the loss of potential that he witnesses in his pediatrics practice. 

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As a physician artist I observe and analyze humans and their nature on a broad spectrum and relate these findings into layered visual works. I tirelessly work to detangle the mysteries of the human body and mind as entrenched in the surrounding nature of our world, and this defines my visual pursuit - ethereal but classical, withdrawn but tender, deliberate but mysterious, soft but caring, abstract but figurative. I explore the idea of fate, the complete abandonment to it, as in a well rehearsed dance of a long known choreography to the tunes of a mysterious force. My work depicts human bodies from their entirety to their compulsory organs, from macro to micro perspectives and universes. My work is inspired by human feelings and perceptions with their avalanche of ripples, deciphering for beauty or not, entropy or not, confessing insights granted to me in my pursuit of what is human - mortal, fragile, loving. Privacy is upheld. I employ poetry, drawings, lens-based modalities, installations and performances. I work throughout the day, at night, engaging a variety of media types, including paper, rag, silk, light projections, digital collage, video, and sounds. I start a project mostly guided by intuition, then move to conceptualizing the initial outcomes, condensing them towards a forging idea. This is a two fold balancing process, revealing and self healing.

✆ 888-757-4686 / ✉︎ info@cfodoreanu.com


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