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Born in Transylvania (Romania) into a family with a long tradition of icon painting, C Fodoreanu started painting from early ages. He inherently transitioned to using lens-based modalities to create his art, from photography and digital collages, to video and sculptural/sound installations, alongside subtle poems. His work pursues a poetry of light, and centers on exploring humans as they relate to their bodies, surrounding nature, intimacy, personal boundaries, play, fragility of life, fleetingness of time, and divine intervention. As a physician artist who studied philosophy, C Fodoreanu has a deep understanding of the human psyche, which coupled with a keen psycho-social acumen, affords him a unique position to relate, transcend, and personalize his understandings of the human nature in spectacular, thoughtful works of art.

C Fodoreanu debuted his first monograph entitled 'street smart' documenting at-risk youth from Southern California as part of a fundraising campaign with 100% of the proceedings contributing to an educational fund to support the kids depicted in the series. Visit the Social Practice page for more details about this fundraiser.

C Fodoreanu's curatorial work focuses on shining a light on emerging artists whose vision align with the mission of his gallery (Cornel/Henry Art), breaking free from political constraints, elevating above the daily grind, liberating out of the mundane, and reaching quintessential thoughts. He is encouraging art that deals with humanity at its purest, with raw fundamental emotions, ideas and esthetics, art that is firstly beautiful, unveiling surrounding harmony, and standing the test of time.

C Fodoreanu is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts in New York, holds a Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of California, San Diego. He is the author of three poetry books (Romanian), and his visual work can be found in private collections throughout United States, Europe, and Asia. 

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