'water hands'

archival pigment on rag paper

13 x 19 in - edition of 10

24 x 36 in - edition of 5

This series was made with the help of a group of at-risk youth. Their hands were photographed while they were asked to think about memories, good or bad, present feelings, hopes and ideals, and their future. These are the shapes expressing those thoughts.

hope, 2019

tender, 2019

strong, 2019


love, 2019


difficulty, 2019


lost, 2019


fake, 2019


determined, 2019


scared, 2019


never again, 2019


not here, 2019


growing, 2019


Tell me how can you carry the blessing, the healing, the love? How can you reach me, touch me, and care, when I am you, and you are me?

So unexpected, the reach, the feel, the growing. Pushing away the depths, rooting towards water. 

The flower with petals stands in awe of blessed and long-awaited colors.

Accept my heart, accept my tears, for I am your full and I am your empty, for we are together in this, until the end of time. 

Purchase prints here (100% of proceedings will contribute to an educational fund to support the at-risk youth depicted in this series.)

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