'the measure of all things'

archival pigment on silk sheet

8 x 8 in - edition of 15

There is an imaginary space of self, and I take issue with the things around me. They draw me places, I hold them back, and we are all circling in some kind of back and forward looseness. My mind is taken away, and then stared back where it belongs, bouncing it off blind camera lenses. Snapshots in abundance, a large collage of mindfulness and silence, scribbled on some heady paper. For man is the measure of all things - of all things the measure is man.

collage #1, 2020 

the swordsman, 2020    buy now

the vessel, 2020    buy now

the traveler, 2020    buy now

the arrow, 2020    buy now

the sleeper, 2020    buy now

the photographer, 2020    buy now

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