'the measure of all things'

the arrow / 2020 / single channel video / 1 minute 17 seconds

the time keeper / 2020 / single channel video / 1 minute 52 seconds

the sleeper / 2020 / single channel video / 51 seconds

the swordsman / 2020 / single channel video / 36 seconds

the traveller / 2020 / single channel video / 38 seconds


the vessel / 2020 / single channel video / 35 seconds

the photographer / 2020 / single channel video / 1 minute 11 seconds

pigment on silk

24 x 24 in - edition of 1

the measure of all things is a site-specific in-progress mix media project that explores the idea of humans as the perfect geometric model of nature itself. DaVinci's Vitruvian Man, a drawing of a man as part of a circle and a square, not only was the solution of an ancient riddle of squaring the circle, but captured the perfection of the human body, demonstrating that the Renaissance man, as God's supreme creation, was the measure of all things. This idea is explored here by creating circular spaces of self-like photo drawings, which are then placed in the natural world to probe if the measurements of man are indeed distributed in nature as once believed.

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