'silent recall'

This project came about unexpectedly while traveling to Transylvania a few years back. I found this aged Jesuit monastery in the middle of a brick paved plaza. Its rooms and chambers have been repurposed about a century earlier to serve as a music school for local children. One would think that music was the new religion in that place. These photos were taken at the time when the school was undergoing a renovation back into a place of prayer. The pupils were long gone, the place was deserted, with chairs and benches scattered. Paint was splattered everywhere, a few old pianos were left behind as if not needed anymore, and some scribblings were lost on the black board as reminders of past innocence. Throughout the meandering and once lively hallways, shadows of small steps seemed to almost trip me. Once my reflection took a turn on an old glass window, I suddenly knew about a song. A very familiar song, one that I could play without a sound, without a doubt, once more: creed.

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