archival pigment on rag paper

13 x 19 in - edition of 5

24 x 36 in - edition of 3

sacalaia / 2021 / HD video / 4 mins 8 seconds / music © Sunny Lax

clouds and sky, 1990s, printed 2021

jump #1, 1990s, printed 2021


dive #1, 2021


reed islet, 1990s, printed 2021

jump #2, 1990s, printed 2021


dive #2, 2021


distance, 1990s, printed 2021

jump #3, 1990s, printed 2021


dive #3, 2021


lake and hills, 1990s, printed 2021


handle, 1990s, printed 2021

dive #4, 2021


basilica, 1990s, printed 2021


alone, 1990s, printed 2021

light water,  2021


stars in the night, 1990s, printed 2021

Sacalaia (Pike Lake) is the deepest freshwater natural lake in Transylvania. The legend states that the lake formed when a salt mine under a small Roman village caved in about 2000 years ago, leading to the flooding of the village. At times, on clear water days, one can see the tip of the basilica. Many tried to dive in to reach the old village, only some to never return. As a kid, we took many trips in rowboats over the lake in the search for the old basilica. 

In this project, I mix images made as a young boy during these trips with recently created images, paying homage to a younger self journeying towards identity, searching for lost faith and ideals, reconnecting to what holds me true to myself. 

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