C Fodoreanu


As a physician artist, I am afforded a unique position to observe and analyze human nature on a broad spectrum, from highs to lows, and subsequently to transcend, personalize, and relate these findings into art works for others to see. This process is two fold, revealing and also self healing, striking a balance. I am a witness to the plays of fate, fortunate or less so, sometimes being able to make a change, even with slim margins, and often foreseeing unyielding futures. I strive to create works for others to see what I understand, so they understand what I see. For one can only see what one knows. I am confessing insights granted to me in my pursuit of what is human - mortal, fragile, but also beautiful, loving. Privacy is upheld. I tirelessly work to detangle the mysteries of the human body and mind as entrenched in the surrounding nature of our world, and this defines my visual pursuit.

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