archival pigment on rag paper

13 x 19 in - edition of 10

24 x 36 in - edition of 5

guard, 2020

facade, 2020

entry, 2020

escape, 2020

excursion, 2020


signal, 2020

crossroad, 2020

stairs, 2020

lost, 2020

walls, 2020

left, 2020

gatekeeper, 2020

'Seclusion' is inspired by the challenges of living during the Covid-19 pandemic. Forced to isolate due to social distancing rules, away from our loved one, we found ourselves constrained, unable to explore our environment, unable to be with our friends and family. Cities are deserted, public spaces are voided, and our souls are hurting. For this series, I am populating empty spaces from long ago eras, of in and around Rome, the home of my ancestors, with bare people of anonymous photographers once freely moving about. Time is contorted, in an abundance of it lately, blending its slices to recreate a new reality. Being trapped it is only but a state of mind, due to no physical constrains, and it is important to remind ourselves of that. This is a spiritual self-portrait, a way out of myself, exploring alternative reality, and keeping the hope alive.

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