Memory is a tricky thing. Every time we bring memories back, they seem to slightly change. Somehow, with every revival, they seem to lose their fluff and filter down to their essence. At the same time, the longer we don't think about them, the more they fade away. There seems to be a balance where reliving a memory too much leads to its fading away at the same rate as not thinking about it at all. It almost feels that at times we should keep the memory alive by not thinking about it. There seems to be a place where a memory should be kept, not too far in the deepness, not too close to the surface.

This is my attempt to play on memory. I am exposing old negatives from my brain to see if the light changes anything. I am bringing these bare body movements (motus corporis) from the shadows, to see if they dissolve their fluff, reach their essence, and then faint into the familiar. The alternative is to not think about them at all.

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