This is a journey on the surface of the human body and beyond, from the visible parts to the covered ones, in the search for an answer about what is intimacy. Is it the closeness that makes one feel connected to another, or there is actually a space that two souls temporarily occupy together? Is this intimacy visual or unseeable? Is it tangible or ethereal? By photographing the human body from a very close proximity, an illusion of almost peering through the skin appears, as in looking for something lost or hidden, almost reaching a cellular level. Hair follicles become tall as trees, pores become some mystical wells, and skin creases transform into valleys of light and shadows. I am lost on hard to identify locations, and there is a powerful feeling of breaching a pervasive modesty. It feels that I am transgressing into a universe too crude to watch, too unfamiliar not to take a peek. A space of almost unreal topography reveals itself, a forbidden land that seems as if no one has journeyed on before.

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