grains (ongoing)

pigment on silk, mixed dimensions, unique

pigment on rag, mixed dimensions, unique *


grains #1, 2021

still #1, 2021


grains #2, 2021

still #2, 2021


grains #3, 2021


still #3, 2021


grains #4, 2021


still #4, 2021 


grains #5, 2021


still #5, 2021


grains #6, 2021


still #6, 2021


Grains is an in-progress mixed media project that explores the tension of self-discovery and identity, and the in-between states of one's self-awareness. Utilizing pigment prints on silk and rag, performance video and installation, the project is inspired by an old Romanian folk tale about a small Roman village flooded by water about two thousand years ago, due to the collapse of a salt mine. The legend states that at times, when the water is clear enough, one can see the tip of the basilica, which was the highest point of the flooded village. During my childhood, we took many trips in rowboats over the lake in the search for the old basilica. Many tried to dive in to reach the old village, only some to never return. Grains investigates the imaginative proposition of what might have happened to the divers who never returned.

* still are extracted frames from a single channel performance video (coming soon)

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